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"Rockefeller Center Has Got Nothing On Us"

Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine spoke those words as we prepared to light the tallest living holiday tree in a New York City park. Lighting the 50 foot tall evergreen was a real partnership between the NYC Parks Department and the Friends of Morningside Park.

Parks informed us that they just didn't have the time or resources to allocate to this huge job but they would assist by bringing power to the tree. They encouraged us to find a contractor to string the lights and offered to expedite a permit for the contractor to do the work. All we need to do was find the funds! With the clock ticking down in the week before the event we really didn't know if we could do it. The cost of the contractor certainly wasn't in our budget. Thankfully one of our amazing local donors came to the rescue and the event was saved! Our uptown community will have a tree that lights up the Harlem night every night until the end of January. The tree is visible from Harlem and Morningside Heights. Uptown deserves this!

Here are some highlights from the tree lighting. Find lots more on our Instagram at @NYCMorningside We want to thank all the community members who contributed and allowed us to share their wonderful videos and photos of the event.

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