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Remembering Bill Perkins

Updated: May 16, 2023

We were stunned and saddened to hear of the death of former New York State Senator and New York City Council Member Bill Perkins this morning. Bill was a fierce advocate for all things Harlem including Morningside Park. Bill lived right on the park with his wife Pam and we would frequently run into them going for a stroll or sitting on a bench.

Just ten days ago we were leading a walking tour in the park and came across Bill and Pam at the pond which was certainly a favorite spot for Bill. Bill looked happy to be out and about meeting old friends. It's so sad that this would turn out to be our final meeting.

Bill Perkins and Pam Green Perkins in Morningside Park May 6, 2023 ©Brad Taylor

As a City Council Member Bill supported major capital improvements in the park including the rebuilding of the granite stairs leading into the park from Morningside Drive at West !20th Street. The Perkins family are also steadfast supporters of the Friends of Morningside Park. Pam's mother Ms.Jannie Green has been advocating for the park since before the founding of our organization in 1981 and has served and continues to serve as valued and active member of our Board.

Here are some pictures of Bill and his family from our 2018 fundraiser.


Bill Perkins and Pam Green Perkins ©Alonna Cole

Bill Perkins, Danny O'Donnell, Mark Levine, Gale Brewer, Brad Taylor and NYC Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver ©Alonna Cole

Edythe Feaster, Jannie Green, Pam Green Perkins and Bill Perkins ©Alonna Cole

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