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Park Initiatives

Friends of Morningside Park collaborates with NYC Parks and community organizations to advocate for everything from safety cameras to renovated playgrounds in the Park. Below are some of our current priority initiatives.


With the support of the NYC Historic Harlem Parks Administrator, Friends is eager to activate the upper level of the park, bringing arts and cultural programming to this spectacular space.


The Park Plateau between 115th and 116th Streets is a particular area of focus. We aim to provide this level with vehicular and ADA compliant access from the south to realize the full potential of this beautiful space.

Clear sight lines along the Park paths were a major concern a year ago, especially in the upper level of the Park. The Upper Park Initiative aims to address this issue as well.


Our volunteers have been hard at work cutting back overgrowth in this area. We also commissioned an Assessment of Forestry and Vegetation in the Upper Areas of the Park, Tree Inventory, and Maintenance Manual as a first step in the Upper Park Initiative plan. This assessment will guide our volunteers as well as the Parks Department as we move forward.

Additionally, we are seeking to raise funds to update our 2000 Master Plan for Morningside Park. The updated Master Plan will guide requests for funding the capital improvements needed to make our goals for the Upper Park Inititaive a reality.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of this initiative, please Contact Us.

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The Park Plateau between 115th and 116th Streets

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