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Thanksgiving Turkey Throwback - Hedda Gobbler in Morningside Park - April, 2006

On this 2021 Thanksgiving Day we pause to remember one of our park's most famous residents, Hedda Gobbler. Back in 2006 there was at least one if not more wild turkeys living and roaming the park, mostly staying on the upper level. That spring we noticed that our turkey was missing. At about the same time there had been multiple sightings of a turkey at other Harlem locations. As explained in this press release, Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe helped return one of the roaming turkeys back to the park and from that day forward she was named Hedda Gobbler.

Hedda in her natural habitat among the daffodil blooms.

NYC Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe releasing her in the park in April 2006 after Morningside lost a wild turkey earlier in the year.

Hedda in the upper level of the park with the goat path and retaining wall in the background.

Hedda exploring the lower level of the park and getting her feet wet in the Morningside Park pond.

We're not sure how long Hedda stayed in the park after her release but she has not been seen for many years.


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