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Volunteer Second Saturdays in the Park Returns with a Special Event


March 11 will be the official start of the 2023 volunteer season! Volunteer Second Saturdays in the Park is a rewarding monthly event dedicated to the beautification and upkeep of your beloved Morningside Park. It’s also an opportunity for our brilliantly diverse community to come together, on our common ground, and share in an experience that uplifts the entire community. This year, our youngest Second Saturdays volunteers (ages 3 - 6) will receive a complimentary Friends of Morningside Park SPROUT tee-shirt, while supplies last. If you're interested in participating or learning more, check out Volunteer with Friends on our website and follow the link to sign up. We look forward to seeing you in the Park!


In addition to our first monthly volunteer event on March 11, you can join a fun-filled, family-friendly, free afternoon activity, a Foraging Tour of Morningside Park with "Wildman" Steve Brill. "Wildman" Steve Brill, a renowned American naturalist, environmental educator, and author, will lead his very first Foraging Tour in Morningside Park. You'll learn about wild foods, including herbs, greens, berries, roots, mushrooms, plus the science, history, folklore, and mythology behind them. You won't want to miss this unique New York experience! For those of you unfamiliar with Steve's work, he made headlines back in 1986 when he was arrested in Central Park for munching on a dandelion! (Really! Google it.) With a personality as vibrant as his name suggests, Steve is sure to captivate and entertain all who attend his fascinating tour. Both events are open to kids and dogs (on leash), so bring the whole family. REGISTER HERE for "Wildman" Steve Brill's Foraging Tour <<< Note: Steve's registration form works best on a computer rather than on a mobile device. Although the Foraging Tour with Steve “Wildman” Brill is free, Steve graciously accepts a suggested $20 cash donation from delighted participants.


Whether it's the Harlem Youth Gardeners, Morningside Park Explorers (our youngest park lovers), the Common Ground Fall Festival, or Volunteer Second Saturdays in the Park, your support continues to fund meaningful community engagement year-round. Thank you for supporting Friends of Morningside Park in your 2023 giving!

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